Monday, September 24, 2012

What We Know - Football in Michigan

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By Doctor

I did not write a football preview for the Lions, Spartans, or Wolverines this year. I didn’t get around to it, but more importantly, I didn’t think that what I had to add would provide any value to our readers. I didn’t have any special insight and I didn’t need to go on record making uninformed predictions.

However, after four weeks into the college season and three weeks of NFL action, I do have some observations and opinions of Michigan football teams that may actually be somewhat funny and informative that are worth writing down and sharing.

What We Know – Detroit Lions
We know a lot more about the Lions after week 3 than we did before the season after Sunday’s incredible wasted comeback against the Tennessee Titans. The Lions are off to an 1-2 start, but it’s not time to panic, unless Matthew Stafford’s MRI comes back with bad news and Calvin Johnson falls victim to the Madden Curse.
1. The Lions probably will not win the Super Bowl, but will be frustratingly entertaining to watch. Well, mostly frustrating if the defense and special teams don’t remarkably improve.
2. Jason Hanson is immortal. I’m pretty sure that Hanson, informed and inspired by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, lead an expedition to recover the grail and found a way to carry it across the seal. Hanson doesn’t share it since it is the first major form of comeback kickers have ever had against position players.
3. The 2012 Detroit Lions have a power running game with Mikel LeShoure which could be the difference in making the playoffs and even winning a playoff game. Once they figure this out, combined with the best red zone weapon in the game, Calvin Johnson, the Lions’ offense shouldn’t have to settle for so many field goals.

College Football After the Jump... 

Jennifer Granholm on the Dating Game (1978)

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By Doctor

We really must apologize for not posting this sooner, it's been on the internet for almost two weeks now. Why it had not been posted sooner - say, anytime during the "cute and curvaceous" Jennifer's eight years in office as Michigan's governor is a true injustice of the internet as it would have provided needed comic relief.

Definitely take the time to check out the video for 1) Jennifer's hair 2) Jennifer's suspenders 3) the host describing Jennifer as "cute and curvaceous" 4) the late 1970's outfits and the 5) male contestants answers.

Stick around after the jump, I've piggybacked Jennifer's Dating Game clip with her speech from this year's Democratic National Convention speech where she finishes with her best Howard Dean unintelligible scream impersonation. It's even better if you imagine her with the big hair and suspenders.