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Michigan Musings: Links & Commentary

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There's a lot going on in Michigan at the moment. It's also Christmas time, so everyone's got tons of stuff to do. It makes it a great time for some Michigan Musings - a one stop place for links to top stories coming out of Michigan with brief comments of wisdom and humor from yours truly. 

It's happening, today. After the overreach/getting-their-asses-handed-to-them by the Michigan unions on the November ballot, it was bound to happen (more here). Unions have been a strong part of Michigan history and the growth of the middle class, but unions like other special interests have been more interested in power and influence than doing what makes sense and betters workers and society. It makes sense. Give the workers the freedom to choose.

Will Detroit Go Bankrupt?
No, Mitt Romney isn't involved. Instead, Detroit city leaders seem determined to steer the city off the cliff into bankruptcy (the city can't afford toilet paper for firefighters). A financial manager could still happen, but a complicated bankruptcy may be coming. Or will President Obama fly in and save the day again? 

New Detroit Arena
The city may be teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, but that didn't stop Mike Illitch from releasing preliminary plans for a new arena in Downtown Detroit to possibly play home to both the Red Wings and the Pistons. It has a long way to go with the city financial situation and that it is a $650 million proposal that'll require lots of public funding.

We attended a MichAgain reception in Grand Rapids the night before Thanksgiving which is part of a greater effort from a collaboration of Michigan organizations and businesses to lure Michigan Expats back home. There's an upcoming event in Detroit on December 27. I've recently run into people who've moved back from Florida, New York, and Washington D.C., and hopefully the trend will continue. Shoot us questions and comments.

Winter Beer Festival Scalper Scandal
The 8th Annual Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Festival set for February 23 at Fifth Third Ballpark just north of Grand Rapids sold out in less than 14 hours on Saturday. What's the problem? A handful of scalpers scooped up a bunch of tickets and now the Guild is trying to void those sales and maintain brand management after lots of Enthusiast Members did not get tickets. Laws of supply and demand need not apply.

More Beer (City U.S.A.) News
I think that's enough for me, for now. I think I've got one more Traverse City Food & Brew post in me from my November plus I'll be visiting the Grand Rapids Brewing Co. soon. The Right-to-Work debate needs to be addressed more fully and I may use the Scalper Scandal as an excuse to write an economics lesson on supply and demand. However, next may be a list of awesome Christmas gift ideas highlighting all things Michigan.

Comment, email us (, or send us a shout out on Facebook or Twitter (@MichiganExpats) as to what you'd like us to write about with any questions you'd like us to answer.

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