Monday, September 24, 2012

Jennifer Granholm on the Dating Game (1978)

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By Doctor

We really must apologize for not posting this sooner, it's been on the internet for almost two weeks now. Why it had not been posted sooner - say, anytime during the "cute and curvaceous" Jennifer's eight years in office as Michigan's governor is a true injustice of the internet as it would have provided needed comic relief.

Definitely take the time to check out the video for 1) Jennifer's hair 2) Jennifer's suspenders 3) the host describing Jennifer as "cute and curvaceous" 4) the late 1970's outfits and the 5) male contestants answers.

Stick around after the jump, I've piggybacked Jennifer's Dating Game clip with her speech from this year's Democratic National Convention speech where she finishes with her best Howard Dean unintelligible scream impersonation. It's even better if you imagine her with the big hair and suspenders.


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