Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Michigan Stereotypes - Where on the Map Do You Fit?

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This photo has been circulating on Facebook and has generated over 16000 "Likes" and 8000 "Shares", so you may have seen it already. Whether or not, chime in and let us know where you're from in Michigan and if you think the artist has accurately described Michigan.

I grew up and an from the Bible Belt in West Michigan (GR), but spent a decade of my formulated years in the Cherry Lovers area of the state (TC). That's fairly accurate. According to the map, Mr. Sig is a Wannabe Gangster which also fits - deep down he knows it's true - and I expect him to talk about it on the next MichiganExpats podcast.

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  1. love being inbetween the drunk kids and the bible belt lmao