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Super Bowl Game and Commercial Review

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It's the day after and while you've no doubt read your share of recaps of the Super Bowl and the commercials, but you haven't read the Michigan Expats recap of last night's barbarism and crass commercialism complete from a complete Michigan biased snarky perspective.

The State of Michigan once again was a the heart of last night's festivities including the game, half-time show, and commercials.

First, congratulations to former Wolverines Mario Manningham and David Baas and Spartans Devin Thomas and Greg Jones of the New York Giants on their Super Bowl victory. Manningham made the play of the night while Jones thought that a Super Bowl victory to cap off his rookie season wasn't enough for one night, so he proposed to his girlfriend, Amanda Piechowski (a former MSU basketball player) on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium during the celebration.

Controversy: Conflict drives plots as well as anonymous blog posts so we'll start at the controversial Michigan moments from last night's Super Bowl.
  1. Chevy v. Ford: According to the Mayans and the folks at General Motors, you have 10 months to go out and buy yourself a Chevy Silverado pick-up if you don't want to perish in the coming apocalypse with the rest of humanity and Ford owners. Ford sent a formal letter to GM to pull the ad, but GM ran the "good humored" ad last night which I found one of the funnier ads of the night.
  2. Clint & Chrysler v. Politics & Copyright Laws: A year after Chrysler launched there  "Imported from Detroit" campaign with the well received Enimen "Born of Fire" ad, the automaker followed up the campaign with "Halftime in America" featuring Clint Eastwood and scenes from the Motor City. While my Twitter feed suggests that Michiganders found it a source a pride for Detroit, I wasn't nearly as impressed with the ad. For most of the  2 minute ad I thought it was President Barack Obama's first re-election campaign spot before Chrysler vehicles began popping up towards the end. Apparently we aren't the only ones who noticed political undertones.

    We have a lot of pride for Michigan and Detroit here at, but we don't agree with the notion that 1) it's "halftime" in America nor that 2) Detroit or the auto industry is a model for making adjustments for the second half of America.

    We'd link to the ad, but for some stupid reason the NFL believes it has a copyright on the phrase "Halftime" and it has been pulled from Youtube. Way to follow up a good football night by being assholes NFL.

  3. Half-Time Show Scandal: After nearly a decade of boring geriatric NFL halftime shows following the scandalous Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake "nipple gate", last night's half-time delivered another censor moment when co-performer, M.I.A., gave the world the finger. Moving on...
  4. Bad Political Ads: Those outside of Michigan were spared having to see former MI-Congressman, Pete Hoekstra's, senate campaign ad attacking Democratic incumbent, Debbie Stabenow. The ad has been attacked, for featuring an Asian gal using broken English (racism!). Hoekstra defends the ad. I just think it's a poorly executed that is also misleading because Hoekstra's Washington record is just as big spending as Stabenow's.
(Recaps of the game, half-time show, and commercials after the jump.)
The Game
It was a good close game. I don't think it was an epic game. I refuse to call a football game "epic" that features two 12 men on the field penalties, numerous dropped passes, and a foolish intentional grounding penalty that resulted in a safety. Both Conference Championship games two weeks ago were better football games. For a more complete game breakdown analysis, read this

Half-Time Show
Michigan born "Material Girl" superstar, Madonna, headlined the extravagant half-time show during last night's game, and I gotta admit that it was better than I feared it would be; that is to say it exceeded my low expectations. The "hip" additions (LMFAO, Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj, and M.I.A.) were significantly worse than Madonna who can still give a pretty decent performance at 53. Some loved it, many hated it, but do to the excellent staging and choreography, I'll give it a passing grade despite the obvious lip syncing. BTW-I endorse a White Stripes re-union for next year's halftime show. Interesting review here.

What happened to ads during the Super Bowl? They were missing the magic for me this year. The M&M ad was disturbing, not funny. I'm apparently in the minority, but I found the Chrysler Imported From Detroit Clint Eastwood ad too-long, political, and lacking the same magic as last year's ad. The Avengers was the only film advertised that looked interesting. Battleship? FML. The Matthew Broderick, Ferris Bueller ad was a cool concept, but since it was for a boring car (Honda CRV) it mostly reminded me that while Matthew Broderick, was cool during America's first half, he'll be riding the bench in the second half. Bud Light Platinum?

OK, the Budweiser ads were packed with nostalgia. The Doritos ads were funny, particularly the one with the dog. The eTrade baby continues to be reliable (Speed Dating). The chimps return was well received. I enjoyed the Silverado Apocalypse ad complete with Twinkies. 

This Doritos ad by John Kerfoot at did not make the cut, but should have.

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