Friday, January 13, 2012


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By Doctor

No sooner had I asked, "Winter, Where Art Thou?" yesterday, winter showed up in Michigan (as forecast). In fact, about six hours after I uploaded the post yesterday, I had to stop and wait on my home street as a tow truck pulled an SUV out of the ditch.

Not only did winter arrive, but most schools in the Grand Rapids area are enjoying a snow day. There were few things more exciting for a kid growing up in Michigan than snow days. No school! And lots of fresh snow to go outside and play in. Snow days bring back fond memories of sledding, building tunnels in snow drifts, getting dropped off at Mt. Holiday in Traverse City for a day of skiing, and of course snowball fights. And when you needed a break, coming inside for hot chocolate and playing Nintendo.

What are your fond memories of snow days? Please share and let us know how you and your siblings, neighbors, and friends spent your days home from school.

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