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Michigan Party - October 15, 2011

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A year ago, reader Dax de la Monta, sent us an email about a Michigan theme party he hosted in New York. It was a big hit and aligns perfectly with our mission here at to discuss and celebrate what we love about Michigan, that Dax, Mr. Sig, and I decided to try and expand the concept to Michigan Expats everywhere.

We picked October 15 because Michiganders already have a great reason to get together as Michigan and Michigan State battle at Spartan Stadium that afternoon for the Paul Bunyan-Governor of Michigan Trophy.

You can RSVP and invite other through the Michigan Party Facebook Event Page. However, not only do we want to get as many people to respond to event page as possible, we want to help Michiganders coordinate, plan, and throw an awesome Michigan Party themselves and share that with us so we can share it with other Michigan Expats. Consider us your source for your own Michigan Party.

Michigan Party Ideas and Items:

  • Beverages - Can't find Faygo and Vernor's in your area. No need to fear, both are available online for home delivery at Faygo and Vernor's at Of course, we're primarily Michigan craft beers. Atwater, Bells, Founders, and New Holland all distribute outside of Michigan. Click on the links for there beer locators to see if they are available near bye.
  • Decorations - Maps, flags, photos, Michigan state symbols, or even a Michigan celebrity wall. Last year Dax even put Michigan themed reading materials in the bathroom (Michigan Wikipedia entry and Pure Michigan brochures).
  • Dress Code - Have guests wear Michigan apparel to the party. A Michigan or Michigan State are the easy options because the game is that day, but other Michigan college shirts, Detroit sport team apparel, or tourist gear are also great options. Better yet, check out Michigan Awesome or The Mitten State for their respective awesome line-up of Michigan themed apparel.
  • Euchre - Be sure to have plenty of decks of cards. Maybe print out the instructions for those not from the Midwest.
  • Food - Any good party needs good food, and a Michigan Party needs good Michigan food. If you are not going back to Michigan in the next month or have someone who can smuggle Michigan classics for you, don't worry, you can order online from these essential Michigan companies.
  • Movies - Before or after the game put on movies shot or set in Michigan such as 8 Mile, Evil Dead, Gran Torino, Somewhere in Time, American Pie, Grosse Point Blank, Robo Cop, Roger and Me, Out of Sight, or Road to Perdition.
  • Music - Line up your party playlist with Michigan artists such as Enimem, Madonna, The Drifters, Electric Six, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The White Stripes and others. Check out the podcasts for help identifying great Michigan music. 
  • Name Tags - They're not just for reunions. Have some fun and have party attendees include their name, Michigan hometown, high school mascot, college alma mater, or other fun Michigan factoid.
We hope you'll join us spread the word and celebrate Michigan on October 15. Please send us your Michigan Party plans, ideas, and photos either by email ( or on our Facebook page

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