Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Changes at Michigan Expats

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It’s been a busy and crazy past month for us here at Michigan Expats. Both Mr. Sig and I have undergone substantial changes in our personal lives, which help explain some of recent lack of original content on the blog, but more importantly, will impact the direction and content of the blog moving forward.

First, congratulations to Mr. Sig, who got married June 18 in Ecuador. Needless to say, marriage and, for the time being, living abroad is a big change in his life and will bring with it a unique perspective. Previously both of us were young single guys from Michigan who missed our home state and discussed wanting to return. Certainly having a family, particularly a wife of foreign descent, will offer Mr. Sig an opportunity to share his perspective of being a married Michigan Expat living overseas.

Likewise, shortly after Mr. Sig packed up and departed for Ecuador, I made the decision to return to Michigan. Five years after moving out to the Washington D.C. area following college graduation, I decided not to renew my lease and turned down an offer to remain in my job in Arlington, VA, and to move home to Michigan.

I’ll elaborate about my decision to return to Michigan in an upcoming post. However, just because I did return to Michigan and am no longer officially an “Expat”, I will continue to write on the blog and the various topics will not change. The main difference is that I will now be able comment and discuss everything from the perspective of an ex-Michigan Expat facing the challenges and enjoying the benefits of being back in Michigan.

Hopefully, I will chronicle a successful transition back home including finding a good job, housing, and stories of exploring the multiple of fun and majestic events and spots across Michigan.

Thanks for following us. Expect more content coming up in the near future and please be sure to send us feedback via email (michiganexpats@gmail.com), Facebook, or Twitter (@michiganexpats).

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  1. Best of luck with your new life back in Michigan! I really enjoy your blog even though I am not quite as young as you. I hope you will continue it after you are settled. I've been in Florida for two years now and I would go back to Michigan in a heartbeat. Thanks for writing what so many of us feel.