Sunday, May 8, 2011

MichiganExpats Podcast Episode 27–Not a Month too Soon


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By Mr. Sig

We got em!  Well, after a brief hiatus due to some scheduling and availability issues on the weekends, I finally got another episode out.  This is episode 27 folks, and it’s not a month too soon.

We have an awesome lineup of sings that we have for your this week along with some excellent (horrible) commentary by the Doctor and Mr. Sig.

Keep in mind that before each podcast, we tweet and Facebook all over the place creating a huge mess but also letting you know that you can call in and be on the show.  We might just make you famous.

Here are the songs from this week’s lineup.

Was (Not Was) – Spy in the House of Love – Purchase on Amazon

The Contours (Dirty Dancing) – Do You Love Me – Purchase on Amazon

The Spinners – Midnight Special – Purchase on Amazon

Jackie Wilson – Higher and Higher – Purchase on Amazon

Eminem – Beautiful – Purchase on Amazon

Electric Six – Escape From Ohio – Purchase on Amazon

Electric Six – Synthesizer – Purchase on Amazon

Kelley Stoltz – 84 Tigers – Purchase on Amazon

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