Thursday, March 3, 2011

Inaugural National Vernors Day, 3/13

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had already planned to highlight and write about one unique Michigan delicacy this week, since yesterday I received a shipment of pasties from Pasty Central Express, in Kearsarge, Michigan, just north of Calumet through I will have to follow up on the pasties in the near future because I want to highlight a new movement amongst Michigan Expats that was brought to our attention from one of our readers to share with.

Thanks to Tim Glass for forwarding along this article from Hanna Raskin of the Dallas Observer, who not only vigorously defends the tasty beverage from Detroit but calls for a National Vernors Day on March 13 or 3/13 for Detroit's area code.

The article is dated yesterday, March 2, at 5:02PM and already you can RSVP for National Vernors Day on Facebook and follow the movement on Tumblr.

I trust that most of our readers, being true Michiganders, are well aware of Vernors, the ginger ale created by Detroit pharmacist, James Vernor, during the Civil War. Nearly a 150 years later it remains a favorite amongst Michiganders and Michigan Expats who remain fiercely loyal to the Detroit ginger ale.

It's another opportunity to highlight the creative and delicious entrepreneurial tradition of the state of Michigan, from Vernors, to Faygo, and now the booming Michigan craft beer industry. I encourage you to help spread the 3/13 National Vernors Day movement, RSVP to the Facebook event, get your Michigan Awesome 313 t-shirt, and take on Hanna Raskins call to "lift a glass of Vernors to muscle and music and a community that so appreciates honest labor that the most popular Detroit Lion of the last decade was a kicker."

Mr. Sig and I are going to do our best to track down some Vernors, and we plan on drinking the delicious ginger ale live during our podcast on Sunday, March 13. Please share with us your fond memories of Vernors and why Michiganders are so fond of the pop here on the website or our Facebook page, so we can share them live on the podcast.


  1. Wahoo Vernor's! I'll lift a glass to that great drink any day!

  2. I love Vernors.Unfortunately Pennsylvania does not have Vernors here. I miss it soooooooo much.


  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Vernors!

  4. We used to have to take it to my sister in N.Y.

  5. our aunt margaret always used to bring a carload when she drove back to indiana... also, anyone remember vernors floats?! much better than the root beer ones... we used to make them all the time back grandpa's house... i remember vernors floats and paper balloons on sunday summer afternoons... also, geez louise! is anyone going to mention the mural on the halo burger in flint?! i'm gonna look up a picture... vernors elves :)

  6. Our local supermarket carries Vernors in Nevada City CA! I'm a Vernors-evangelist, spreading the word to all I meet.

  7. Sounds like people love this drink so much they smuggle it for family and friends. Glad I live in Michigan. Passing the word "3.13"

  8. We drank Vernor's at my grandmother's place on the Tittabawasee River in Alger, MI while the adults played pinochle and drank beer. Great times!

  9. Having done my share of "boot-legging" Coors to Michigan back in the day (personal consumption of course), it seems quite strange that I may need to "bootleg" Vernors from Denver to back east...(tell me: not to Detroit though?)

    Boston Coolers at Big Boy's: Vernors and Strohs vanilla ice cream

    (Seems a little weaker than it used to when it was made in Detroit, eh what?)