Sunday, January 30, 2011

MichiganExpats Podcast Episode #22–What is it good for?


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By Mr. Sig

Another great lineup of songs coupled with professional quality production featuring the microphone from a Logitech webcam and some trial and freeware software.  It amazes me how easy it is to put on a quality production these days.  Technology truly makes once difficult tasks very easy.

Be sure to purchase any of this week’s lineup if you really like the song(s).

As always – keep a lookout for the tweets.  You can call in and be on the show live. 

Be a part of the show!  Share some Michigan music that you own via Dropbox.  Just share one of your dropbox folders with

Glenn Frey – The Heat is On – Purchase on Amazon

Elzhi – That’s the One – Purchase on Amazon

Funkadelic – I’ll Stay – Purchase on Amazon

Suzi Quatro – 48 Crash – Purchase on Amazon

The Electric Six – Gay Bar – Purchase on Amazon

The Von Bondies – Pale Bride – Purchase on Amazon

Jack Scott – Oh, Little One – Purchase on Amazon

Edwin Starr - War – Purchase on Amazon

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