Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ford Focus 2012 All Electric announced at CES

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By Mr. Sig

Ford's CEO Alan Mulally announced the 2012 Ford Focus electric along with many other new technology-related announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  CES, as you may or may not know, is the largest electronics trade show that is put on each year in Las Vegas.  Just about about everyone in technology (except Apple) is there showing off their latest and greatest and how great is it to see a Michigan company on the list of keynoters.  You gotta love Michigan representing at a "cool" place such as CES, not to mention getting a prime keynote spot.  Ford has definitely come a long way since Mr. Mulally took over back in 2006.  They are profitable now and turned things around without government bail-out money.  Three cheers to them!

Electric cars are somewhat of a novelty right now.  Chevrolet jumped into the market with their Volt which MichiganExpats is skeptical of.  However, after watching Leo Laporte, one of the kings of podcasting and technology evangelist, interview Ford's CEO Alan Mulally, I became somewhat convinced that the new Focus electric might actually work.


In the interview, Mulally mentioned that they can make electric, hybrid, and internal combustion cars on the same assembly line.  Mulally explains that this means that Ford can dynamically adjust to the changing consumer demand for electric and hybrid cars as they slowly develop popularity and economic sense.  Adjusting dynamically based on demand makes sense for electric vehicles since they really don't make too much sense for a mainstream consumer at this point.  But this is going to change in the future, and Ford will be able to easily fill this demand as it comes without much work.

That's smart, and makes sense... at least to me!

Now, I'm not going to go buy a 2012 Focus electric just because of this, but it makes a lot of sense from a business perspective.  Ford is really innovating right now and they're doing it in a way that makes sense and is modern.  They are definitely a bright spot for Michigan right now.  So, why are they staying in Michigan given the poor business climate and exodus of talent?  I fear the answer is the same as I was given during a job interview several years ago.  "We company are here more out of loyalty and not necessarily because it makes the best business sense for us."  I sure hope that this isn't why Ford stayed, because that is not going to keep a company in Michigan.

Does the Ford Focus electric make sense to you?  What are your thoughts about all of this?  Let us know in the comments.


  1. I would be willing to look at a Ford Focus, were it not for a couple of issues. First, I love my cute little Malibu, and don't see a need for a new vehicle any time soon. Second, I also heard the car analyst on WWJ say that battery life is reduced by up to 40% in the cold weather. While that wouldn't be much of a problem with my short commute, it would make longer distances problematic in Michigan.

  2. The production method makes perfect sense. It would probably bring the price of the electric down. However, gas is still incredibly cheap which leads to the purchase of an electric car being a moral decision if you like “going green” or simply a reaction to a fad. I’m skeptical that they can produce an electric car that can compete in the age of cheap gas, but if they can then this is the first step and good for Ford.