Saturday, November 6, 2010

Michigan Expats Podcast– More Music! Episode 13


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By Mr. Sig

Another pallet of good songs lined up for you this week.  Some old, some new, but all enjoyable.

For those of you new to the blog – each week I record a podcast featuring music by Michigan artists. If you like any (or all) of the songs, then I encourage you to purchase them on Amazon.  I need to find a way to get a kick back from that.  Ahh well, at least this keeps the music industry lawyers away.

My Dear Disco – Sizzler – Purchase on Amazon

Cinematic Sunrise – Pulling a Piano from a Pond – Purchase on Amazon

Iggy Pop – Cold Metal – Purchase on Amazon

MC5 – Ramblin’ Rose – Purchase on Amazon

The Four Tops – Baby I Need your Loving – Purchase on Amazon

The Spinners – Working My Way Back to You – Purchase on Amazon

The Dirtbombs – Chains of Love – Purchase on Amazon

Tribute to Sparky Anderson

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By Mr Sig

We've seen enough stories about Sparky Anderson.  Here at Michigan expats, we understand the great contribution he made to baseball, and more importantly to us.. to our beloved Tigers.  We owe it to him to laud him as a great Michigan figure.

That being said, I'll let the other news outlets post their tribute videos to Sparky. I think the below one is more enjoyable.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Michigan couple say Waldorf-Astoria hotel bedbugged them -

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By - Mr Sig

Michigan couple say Waldorf-Astoria hotel bedbugged them -

Bedbugs have arrived in Michigan! As with many things, Michigan is still catching up to the national trend.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michigan defense Rich Rodriguez's undoing?

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By - Mr Sig

How hard can this be to answer.

I'll do it for everyone else...


Michigan has a great offense, but only a high school level defense.  This is the most obvious problem with the team and it needs to be hammered home until the team does something about it.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Michigan Expats Podcast Episode 12


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By Mr. Sig

Finally, I’m getting back into the swing of things.  Being out of the country tends to delay and postpone routine activities.  However, in the age of the internet, there is no excuse for not publishing a podcast in the previous 2 weeks.  Rest assured – I will work as hard as I can to assure you that we’ll pump out a new podcast every week.

For those new readers out there, this podcast is normally a recording of 8 songs by artists from the state of Michigan.  The purpose is mainly to provide entertainment, but also to increase your Michigan music education.

Below are this week’s songs and links to purchase them on Amazon.

Commander Cody – Lost in the Ozone Again – Purchase on Amazon

Commander Cody – Mama Hated Diesels – Purchase on Amazon

The Falcons – You’re so Fine – Purchase on Amazon

Anita Baker – Angel – Purchase on Amazon

Carl Craig – Dreamland – Purchase on Amazon

John Lee Hooker – My Dream – Purchase on Amazon

Lamont Dozier – Fish AIn’t Bitin’ – Purchase on Amazon

Marshall Crenshaw – Someday Someday – Purchase on Amazon