Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hell Yea! Ford turns another profit

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By Mr Sig

Ford is at it again.  They're making tons of money and paying down their debt.  The best part is, they did it in spite of rejecting the bailout money that was offered.  I absolutely love seeing things like this happen.  As an unrealistic Libertarian, seeing companies succeed because of innovative product creation and giving customers what they want is one of the things that makes us as a human race great.  People got together, thought about what makes a great car, then somehow figured out how to make it at a cost that consumers were willing to pay.  For anyone who works in the private industry that has any experience working on large projects... or who has any idea how complex cars have become can appreciate the amount of work that Ford had to do to get this right.  It's amazing how individuals can figure all this out.

Kudos to Ford and a good thing for Michigan for sure.

I used to think that Ford was boring (and they were) but now I'm really getting interested in what they have to offer.  As a techie, I'm pretty interested in their 'My Ford Touch' feature, and, darnit... the cars just look cool now.  Too bad I'm not in the market for a new car, but let's just hope they keep it up.

I'm particularly interested in the Fiesta.  Good gas-mileage, incredibly low price of around 15K when you add in all the extras like taxes, fees, etc, and a really cool interior.  I remember at my old job that I would love getting a Nissan at the rental car agency because I felt like I was driving an X-Wing space fighter.  When I got a GM or Ford, it felt like I was driving just an average car.  It had a gas-pedal, a radio, a steering wheel and sometimes a jack for my iPod.  Looking at these new Ford cars makes me think of what I felt like stepping into a new Nissan Altima.  If you compare the two cars now, the Ford looks much cooler.

Let's chalk one up for a great, then crappy, then now great again Michigan Company!

What do you think about all this?  What "Big 3" cars are you interested in at this point?  I've said what I think, let me hear what you think in the comments.