Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Football Fix (links)

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We are less than 24 hours away from the hottest ticket in college football kicking off and I have a mini-keg of Bell's Oberon chilling in the fridge and will begin cutting up ingredients for chili tomorrow, but first lets get a final rundown on what people around the state and the nation are talking about the Spartan/Wolverine clash.

If you haven't found it yet, scroll down and you can listen to Mr. Sig and I preview tomorrow's game including our own analysis and predictions. Or download it on iTunes and listen to it on your commute home tonight or en route to the ballgame tomorrow.

UPDATE: Apparently, ESPN wants to kick the state of Michigan this week. First, College Game Day chooses the Alabama/South Carolina game. To add injury to insult, it has assigned Matt Millen to provide the color commentary for the Michigan/Michigan State game tomorrow. I'm so outraged, I don't know where to begin. Please feel free to help me out in the comments.

First lets start out with high school football where the top two teams in the state square off at Bob Perry Field at Red Arrow Stadium. Yes, East Grand Rapids (6-0) travels to Lowell (6-0) to take on the Red Arrows this evening. The long-standing rivalry has taken on new meaning over the last decade as the two OK-White teams have combined for nine state championships. Jane Bos takes a look at the last ten years of the rivalry.

Back to the Saturday clash in Ann Arbor. Links and predictions.

Art Prize Winners Announced

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"Cavalry, American Officers, 1921" by Chris LaPorte, 2010 Art Prize 1st Place Winner

Unfortunately, we were not able to make it back to Grand Rapids to check out Art Prize in person this year. Nonetheless, the competition intrigued and fascinated us from afar and we will have to make a better effort to make it home to experience Art Prize next year.

It is still a remarkable event and tremendous economic and public relations boost for the city of Grand Rapids and West Michigan drawing visitors, artists, and media coverage from around the world. More importantly, it has introduce thousands of individuals, especially children, to the wonders of art through a variety of mediums. Yes, some improvements can be made, but that is to be expected from this type of event as it continues to grow and mature.

Enjoy these final Art Prize links and please share your feedback and thoughts about Art Prize.

Michigan + Michigan State Preview


By Mr. Sig

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In our first (and successful) attempt ad being sports broadcasters, the Doctor and I provide the most thought-provoking analysis on the upcoming Michigan vs Michigan State game that you will find anywhere across the fruited plain.

Check it out on iTunes, or just listen in here.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Art Prize Winner Announced Tonight - Featured on NBC's "Today Show"

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By Doctor

It must be big to draw our attention away from the pending football game in Ann Arbor this Saturday, yet "big" may still fall short of describing Art Prize and it's impact on Grand Rapids and West Michigan over the past few weeks. However, "big" would be an accurate description of the Steam Pig Experiment, one of the top ten finalists at Art Prize this year who will be awarded at total of $449,000 in prize money tonight.

 Over the past couple of weeks almost 45,000 voters have cast over 450,000 votes to narrow down 1713 entries to this year's winner who will receive the competition's top prize of $250,000.

Kathy Lee Gifford was in town last weekend and gushed about her fantastic experience on the "Today Show" earlier this week. Apparently she left an impression on the producers of NBC's morning show as they returned and featured Art Prize in this morning's broadcast.

Michigan/Michigan State with Apologies to Dr. Suess

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#17 Michigan State (5-0) v. #18 Michigan (5-0)

Mike Thompson does a fun take on the Michigan/Michigan State rivalry in the Detroit Free Press Dr. Suess style that encapsulates the rivalry and more importantly ends up at the heart of the matter: the real winners this week are those profiting from selling us all of the team apparel we proudly display.

The M- and S- Bellied Sneeches

More rivalry week links after the jump.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Rivalry

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#17 Michigan State (5-0) v. #18 Michigan (5-0)

It's rivalry week in Michigan. Michigan v. Michigan State. Michiganders need no further introduction to understand the importance of the match-up. Each autumn Michiganders display their allegiances as the Spartans and Wolverines clash for bragging rights for the next year.

This game means a lot to Michiganders. We grow up with it. You pick a side or your parents pick the side for you. You begin boasting and exercising bragging rights as early as grade school; arguing with the enemy (a.k.a. friends the rest of the year) on the school bus and the playground (some of my most intense MSU/UofM debates were on the school bus as a 4th and 5th grader).

Beginning with adolescence, the rivalry will escalate into pranks, bets, and eventually an arms race to see who can most prominently display their school colors on their car, yard, house, pets, children, etc...Once this begins, we never grow out of it.

I cannot escape the rivalry and the dragging rights of the game out here in Arlington, VA. On Saturday morning, a few hours before the teams kick-off in Ann Arbor, I'll lead a team of Michigan State alums against Michigan alums in  a game of flag football in Washington DC. (Disclosure: I bleed Green and White. Further disclosure: the QB for the UofM alumni flag football team is an Ohio State alum).

More coverage after the jump...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just In: Famous Lush Still Loves Michigan!

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Who needs the Pure Michigan ad campaign? The state of Michigan should probably just budget funds for Kathy Lee Gifford to fly to Michigan once a week, so she can gush about all the wonderful places and things Michigan has to offer. It's a win - win. Kathy Lee gets a fantastic weekend in Michigan and the state of Michigan gets the great endorsement and cheap advertising as she chats about her weekend on the Today Show.

Yes, Kathy Lee Gifford made another trip to Michigan recently, had a wonderful time (no surprise), and raved about it this morning on the Today Show. Particularly she raves about beautiful Holland including a gift of wooden shoes to host Hoda Kotb, Evergreen Commons, and about Art Prize and the flurry of activity it has created in downtown Grand Rapids.

With no further ado, here's Kathly Lee making here second appearance on gushing about beautiful West Michigan.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Where in Michigan should Kathy Lee go next?

The State of Michigan Sports

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There's no reason to beat around the bush today. Most Michigan Expats are thinking sports this week. Whether it is agonizing over the Lions coming up predictably short again yesterday, what lies ahead for the Tigers this off-season, or most likely, the upcoming battle of the undefeated ranked teams at the Big House this Saturday.

Specifically, sports are an important way for Michigan Expats to stay connected to our home state as well as a means to meet and relate to other Michiganders. Michiganders take pride in their teams, even the Lions (I saw a family all decked out in Lions jerseys at Arlington National Cemetery this spring), and do a great job of supporting our teams - Red Wings fans in particular do a fantastic job of supporting the Wings on the road.

We apologize for not discussing Michigan sports more here on the blog and promise to talk about the subject more often going forward. Of course, this is a great week to begin the discussion with so much going on with the Lions, Spartans, Tigers, and Wolverines.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Michigan Expats Podcast Episode 10


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By Mr. Sig

I mumbled my way through this one, but that’s ok.  It’s about the music anyway.  For new readers to this blog, this podcast focuses on good music from Michigan artists.  I typically play about 8-9 songs along with some commentary in between many of them.  Links to purchase the songs on Amazon are provided below.

In addition, you can subscribe to this podcast in iTunes so that you can sync it with your iPod device.  One of these days, I’m going to get us in the Zune podcast directory.  I think there are a couple technical tweaks that I need to make to our feed and then it should be ready to submit.

I hope you are enjoying this music, and if you have any special requests, you can always send them to

The Detroit Spinners – It’s a Shame – Purchase

Hank Ballard and the Midnighters – Annie Had a Baby – Purchase

I See Stars – 3D – Purchase

Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops – Purchase

Jack Scott – What in the World’s Come Over You – Purchase

Marshall Crenshaw – Someday Someday – Purchase

The Miracles – Tears of a Clown – Purchase

We Came as Romans – Dreams - Purchase

Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally – Purchase