Friday, September 24, 2010

New Podcast released. Go get it on iTunes!


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By Mr. Sig

Next group of songs is lined up and ready to be devoured along with Mr. Sig’s interludes on his cheap microphone.

As the title mentions, our podcast was accepted into iTunes!  That’s right.. you can browse on over to the iTunes store and search for Michigan Expats… and there you go!  You will see the Doctor’s excellent logo along with all the past episodes.  I hope you enjoy.

Electric Six – Pink Flamingos – Purchase

Bob Guiney – Girlfriend – Purchase

MC5 – Tonight – Purchase

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication – Purchase

The Flaming Ember – Westbound 9 – NOT ON AMAZON!

Uncle Kracker – Livin’ the Dream – Purchase

Was (Not Was) – Tell Me I’m Dreaming – Purchase

Marv Johnson – You’ve Got What it Takes – Purchase

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Michigan and Movies (Part 3): Detroit 1-8-7 Premiere Review

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By Doctor

I apologize for the delay of the review. I had a meeting go late Tuesday night, so I had to wait til Wednesday to watch the premiere of ABC's newest cop drama, Detroit 1-8-7 shot and set in Detroit.

Fortunately, we live in the DVR age. Honestly, DVR is incredible. How much better is life in the DVR age than the tapes of programming the VCR and rewinding the tape to watch an often grainy copy.

Back to the show. I think the show does have some potential, but Detroit 1-8-7 needs to make a decision on what type of cop drama it wants to be. Does it want to go the stylized CSI-type route or the gritty street level format of Homicide: Life on the Street? The premiere tried to tight rope between both styles, and I don't see the show succeeding by walking that line and I also hope that it settles on the latter.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art Prize Begins Today

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By Doctor

(Pictures are from Art Prize 2009. Send your 2010 photos to

Art Prize begins it's second year today in Grand Rapids. Michigan Expats was fortunate enough to make it back home to Grand Rapids to enjoy last year's inaugural event and was blown away by the fantastic artwork and the incredible impact it had on the image of Grand Rapids and local businesses.

We encourage our readers to try and make it to downtown Grand Rapids and check out this year's event and let us know about your experience and send us your photos. You can send us a photo of your favorite piece of artwork from Art Prize at and we will put together a slide-show of reader sent photos.

Find out more about Art Prize on their website, on Twitter @ArtPrize, and coverage from the Grand Rapids Press.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michigan and Movies (Part 2): The Portrayal and Perspective of Michigan

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Yesterday I began a series on the impact of the Michigan Film Incentives program on the state by discussing the agic of movies and the allure there is to be a part the movie business. Today, we continue the discussion by taking a look at how the incredible growth of films being made and taking place in Michigan are portraying the state to the rest of the country and the world.

The topic is particularly relevant today since Detroit 1-8-7 premeires this evening on ABC. Set, produced, and shot on location in Detroit. The show has brought excitement to the city including a red carpet premiere party earlier this month at the MGM Grand Casino,

There is also a sense of apprehension regarding how the city will be depicted to a national television audience. The Detroit City Council requested the show's producers to attend a board meeting back in July and show council members even publically stated they wanted the title of the show changed.

Other movies and television shows recently made in Michigan have tended to focus on the challenges facing the state than the wonderful places and people Michigan still has to offer.

Both Gran Torino and last-year's Oscar Nominated, Up in the Air, are excellent films that have successfully used Detroit as backdrops and almost supporting characters to address modern societal issues including crime, racial tension, and economic struggles.

Before we dig in and get caught up in the economic debate of the impact of film tax credits on jobs, tax revenue, and the state budget, it's important to discuss impact these shows and film have on Michigan's portrayal to the rest of the country and to Michigan's psyche.

Will the excitement and allure of being close to and a part of the movies begin to decline at some point? Are the potential negative consequences and attention being overblown and getting to much attention?

Please comment and let us know what you think and check in tomorrow for a review of Detroit 1-8-7.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Michigan Expats on Twitter @michiganexpats

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We are continuing to expand our presence and join the 21st century new media movement here at Michigan Expats. First, came the blog, obviously. Then Mr. Sig has taken off running with our podcasts which you will be be able to find here and will be coming soon to iTunes. You can also find us on Facebook (search "MichiganExpats") where you can friend our profile and/or like our page (we will be moving to one or the other shortly).

Now you can also follow us on Twitter @michiganexpats (link at the top right) where we will update new blog posts as well as share existing events happening across Michigan and relevant Michigan news items. It's another way to stay connected to what is going on in Michigan and here at

Michigan and Movies (Part 1): The Magic of Movies

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I am a big movie buff (the term cinephile may also apply). I love watching movies and television. I confess that I probably watch too much TV, and much of the time I spend watching TV is spent watching movies (behind sporting events).

Movies can take us all over the world, to the past, and the future. They introduce us to fascinating characters that we emulate, empathize, despise, and fear. Movies capivate, entertain, and move us. Movies are magical.

Furthermore, movies and television tend to gain even more allure and magic the closer you are to the production. I still remember the excitement and anticipation growing up when two of my favorite shows aired episodes filmed in and around my hometown, Traverse City. My family watched Home Improvement regularly during the '90's, but the episodes where the Taylor family went to Northern Michigan were can't miss events. Likewise, the anticipation for The X-Files episode that was shot and took place in Northern Michigan made me set the VCR in anticipation (remember VCRs?).

Now, two years after the enactment of the Michigan Film Incentives tax program, dozens of movies are being shot and made in Michigan, and this week ABC will premiere Detroit 1-8-7 shot on location in Detroit that will aire during primetime.

However, while movies and television have found their way to Michigan, questions remain about the impacts the film industry and the Film Incentives program are having on Michigan's economy and how the state is portrayed.

Over the next week or so, Michigan Expats will be taking a closer look at the Michigan film industry and the cultural and economic impact of the incentive program. Please join us in examining the issue and to chime in with you opinions and questions.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Podcast Episode 8 – More Music!


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By Mr. Sig

Man alive are there some good songs this week.  Hope you enjoy.  Sorry about the intro.. I just realized it sounds pretty terrible.

Now that The Doctor has a logo created for us, I submitted our podcast to the iTunes store.  I am not “in the know” about what it takes to get approved in the iTunes store.  And to be honest, I was a little surprised that once a podcast is submitted it needs to be approved by Apple.  Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense… Apple likes to control as much as they possibly can.  So I’m a little giddy to see if it actually gets approved.  If it does, then I can’t wait to see what that does to the number of people who listen to it.  I love sharing positive Michigan vibes with whomever is listening.

So again, please support these artists and purchase the songs that you like.  It will keep me out of the slammer, and it will keep you with good tunes.


Was (Not Was) – Walk the Dinosaur – Purchase

Iggy Pop – Candy – Purchase

Funkadelic – Super Squid – Purchase

Kid Rock – Cowboy – Purchase

The Temptations – Papa was a Rollin’ Stone – Purchase

Gordon Lightfoot – Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald – Purchase

Bob Seger – Against the Wind – Purchase

Stevie Wonder – Superstition – Purchase

Molly – Girlfriend – Purchase

Welcome Free Press Readers!

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By Mr Sig

We're famous now!  Michigan Expats' opening article can be seen in the Sunday edition of the Detroit Free Press/Det News.  The reaction seems to be pretty good so far.

For those of you who are clicking through from the Free Press article, you can see the original un-edited post here.