Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Violent Crime in Michigan

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The good news is that violent crime dropped 24% in Saginaw, Michigan in 2009. The bad news was that it did not drop enough for Saginaw to move out of the top spot of the FBI's top ten list of most violent cities in the country. Furthermore, Saginaw was not the only Michigan city on the list; Flint, Detroit, and Pontiac also made the top ten.

Therefore, instead of talking about football rankings (UofM back in the Top 25 and Grand Valley State holding on to #1in the Div. II polls after a crazy comeback win over a ranked Hillsdale team), we are discussing crime rankings.

Many may agree with Saginaw Mayor Greg Branch; that "it’s pointless to make a ranking. I don’t think that the comparison of one city’s crime rate to another city’s crime rate, by itself, gives anyone an accurate picture of the quality life or even the relative safety of that community."

What do you think? Are you surprised? Do you feel safe when you're in Michigan? If you are an expat, did crime or safety play any role in moving outside of the state or would it factor into your decision to move back to Michigan?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(Not So) Pure Michigan

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Most Michiganders and Expats are familar with the Pure Michigan ad campaign highlighting places to visit and things to do across the state featuring the voiceover narration of Tim Allen. The campaign has been a successful one and has helped to draw attention to Michigan as a destination state and provide a boost to tourism.

Of course, with success, comes imitators and parodies. Recently, Mr. Sig and I came across, and the hilarious videos created by Michigander John Kerfoot that parody the Pure Michigan campaign ads.

We've included our favorite here, but be sure to visit and check out the other videos by Mr. Kerfoot that tackle other Michigan highlights including Royal Oak, Mackinac Island, and Construction.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly dose of Michigan Music has arrived–Episode 7


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By Mr. Sig

I’m still having a lot of fun with this, and I hope that our readers are, too.  The more I look for music related to Michigan, the more I am impressed with the music that comes out.  It’s amazing what a little research can turn up.  I mean, come on… Jeff Daniels… really?  Pretty impressive

Remember those promises to get the podcast on iTunes?  We’re waiting for the Doctor to finish (start?) the artwork.  I don’t want to submit a podcast to iTunes without some cool looking artwork.  The Doctor is capable of drumming up something pretty creative… so GET A MOVE ON!

Here are the links to purchase the songs on today’s episode.  If you like a particular track, please support the artist by buying the MP3.  Or, you can always get their entire CD.  Thanks again for listening.  Looking forward to recording episode 8 next weekend.

The Amboy Dukes – The Journey to the Center of the Mind

MC5 – Kick Out the Jams

Grand Funk Railroad – Politician

Madonna – Beautiful Stranger

Jeff Daniels – Grandfather’s Hat

Jeff Daniels – The Dirty Harry Blues

The Verve Pipe – Photograph

The Contours – Just a Little Misunderstanding

Del Shannon – Run Away