Friday, September 3, 2010

More Michigan Music – Mixed Marvelously by Mr Sig


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By Mr Sig

Another fine production, I suppose.  Just listen above and let me know what you think.  I have to say, looking up Michigan artists and discovering that some of my favorite songs have been recorded by Michigan folks is a refreshing experience.  It ranks up there as far as total “refreshingness” with taking a nice swim in Lake Superior.

I would like to stay out of jail or at least not get fined, so please consider supporting these artists and purchase their music.  I’m providing links below so you can purchase the mp3s at the Amazon music store.

I plan to do this again next weekend.  If you have some songs or artists that you have in mind, please let me know in the comments.  And, yes, once THE DOCTOR finishes our blog artwork, we will get this podcast in the iTunes directory.  In the meantime, you can go into iTunes, click ‘Advanced’ then click ‘Subscribe to Podcast.’  Enter the xml link into the box that pops up and hit ok.  That should automatically subscribe you and you will then be able to sync it with your iPod.

Alice Cooper – Lost in America

Al Green – Love and Happiness

Gladys Knight – Midnight Train to Georgia

John Lee Hooker – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Wilson Pickett – Land of 1000 Dances

Unkle Kracker – Follow me

The Verve Pipe – The Freshmen

Iggy Pop – The Passenger  Link to Awesome YouTube Clip

I hope you enjoyed this week’s collection Michigan-based music.  I’m having a ton of fun with this and I hope that you are too.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

BREAKING: Famous Lush Likes Michigan!

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By John Galt

Good News Everyone!  A pair of chatty early morning chardonnay aficionados seems to be rather smitten with the U.P., Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Bay Harbor areas.  What’s more, they informed their nationwide audience of it though the use of gift baskets and stocking puppets!  Check out the video for a surprisingly positive review of what any Michigander has come to know long ago: Northern Michigan is friggin’ gorgeous.

Now that you have been inspired by the always lovely Kathy Lee, feel free to share your wisdom in the comments below.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Working from home - will broadband internet save Michigan?

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By Mr Sig

I have not ever seen my boss. She lives down in Tampa, and I live in the DC area. And while it will always be true that being in one place with the whole team is better for collaboration, this is simply not a reality for most large companies. Without doing any research or looking at any studies, I postulate that many companies have done the calculation and come to the conclusion that the value lost due to lack of physical collaboration can be and is made up for by being able to attract better and smarter workers by offering "Freedom of Location." Almost everyone in our IT department works from home, but these folks are able to deliver on very complex projects.

I strongly believe that the rise of broadband, cloud-based solutions, collaboration software, and a things such as video conferencing services and screen sharing will be a huge help to Michigan. If Michigan has strong internet pipes to support this sort of traffic, then the ever diminishing need for a company office will cause many people to choose more attractive places to live. Gone will be the need to "go where the jobs are." And, which state has a giant swarm of successful expats that want to return home? Why, Michigan of course!

The concept of "working from home" will only continue to become more prevalent, but it will be slow. Personally, the tools are not quite easy enough to use and the high quality solutions such as Cisco's Telepresence are still far too expensive to set up in the home. Until we get there, most companies' willingness to abandon the concept of an office will be slow (but steady).

While the right technology at the right price is still many years away, an inexpensive Michigan home with a 100Mbps fiber line and an "office" with a wall full of monitors and high quality audio will be an outstanding place to work. I'd certainly love to work there.

Am I going out on too much of a limb here? What do you think about this being one way for Michigan to grow? Given that the major broadband providers are focusing their best technologies on densely populated areas, do you think this will ever happen?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Love Affair with Destruction


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By John Galt

So, I like cool toys. Not a big surprise. Snowmobiles, motorcycles, jet-skis, potato guns, or even good ol’ fashioned firearms, there is something in most Michigan men (and women) that excites us about some new device designed to help us conquer a small corner of our world. Well, I have discovered a new toy today, but due to my lack of proximity to any non-urban area, I cannot get one. This is just one more reason to live in a place like Michigan. I have a love affair, and her name is Argo.

Some of you undoubtedly already know what an Argo ( is, but somehow I have only recently discovered these little gems. Invented in 71_Convertible_Topv2[1]the late 60’s, these little monsters are a cross between a tank and a 4-wheeler. And oh yea, it floats. There is something about this workhorse from hell that is giving me an intense and visceral need to ride one. If anyone has one or has been in one, feel free to comment below. I would like some vicarious excitement. Ever since I saw this thing, I have felt the need to get muddy. Really muddy.  That little Ted Nugent wildebeest voice in my head is starting to get hungry.

I guess this is another one of those cruel ironies of being an economic expat like myself. I left Michigan to make money so I could buy cool stuff. Now that I have a job and a little money, I live in a place that would have me arrested if I brought one of these bad devils to town.

Is it just me or is this thing begging for a gun turret on top?