Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michigan defense Rich Rodriguez's undoing?

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By - Mr Sig

How hard can this be to answer.

I'll do it for everyone else...


Michigan has a great offense, but only a high school level defense.  This is the most obvious problem with the team and it needs to be hammered home until the team does something about it.


  1. I tend to agree that Rodriguez’s biggest failure on defense has been in coaching hires. Personnel issues have been a perfect storm this season. In our secondary, at the end of last season we had Donovan Warren, Troy Woolfolk, Justin Turner, JT Floyd, James Rogers, Vladimir Emilien, Michael Williams and newly converted safety Cameron Gordon. We had Cullen Christian, Courtney Avery, Terrence Talbott, Ray Vinopal, and Demar Dorsey coming in to play as true freshmen. That is a total of 13 players in the secondary. This is not a problem.

    Warren made a bad decision and declared for the NFL draft, was not drafted and was not picked up by a team. Troy Woolfolk broke a bone and was out for the year. Justin Turner, who had confirmed work ethic issues, left for West Virginia. Vladimir Emilien didn’t see playing time cause he lost is spot to Gordon and fled the school as well. Michael Williams had some head issues and is probably done for his career. JT Floyd is now the new #1 CB and he was just diagnosed with ligament damage and is out for the year. Demar Dorsey did not pass Michigan admissions even though he passed NCAA standards.

    This leaves us with Gordon (R-Fr), who turned out not to be that good due to the position switch, James Rogers (5-Sr) who is a first time starter anywhere on the field and is a former WR, Christian (True Fr), Avery (True Fr.), Talbott (True Fr.) and Vinopal (True Fr.). Teams don’t go from 13 to 6 that quickly without a lot of bad luck. It comes as no surprise that we have a horrible secondary. There are five freshman starters and a senior who wouldn’t have played if there weren’t any injuries. Also there is Carvin Johnson who is a true freshman that just switched to safety out of necessity.

  2. I forgot about Adrian Witty who failed to qualify twice. Also there was Cissoko who started his freshman year and beginning of sophomore year, was suspended, let back on the team, eventually kicked off, and now probably is playing football team with former and future MSU players in a SE Michigan jail. That is 15 players with an emphasis on upperclassmen contributers to playing with 6 mostly true freshman who should be redshirting in normal circumstances