Thursday, November 18, 2010

Invasive Carp Seek to Devour Michigan Alive


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By Mr. Sig

This article regarding Asian carp taking over the Michigan lakes and rivers has always piqued my interest.  My only experience with carp was watching them chill out at the bottom of the Flint river trying desperately to get them to bite on the worms hanging off of a cheap fishing hook.

A quick Bing search (yes, I said Bing search) turns up over 300,000 results for the topic.  Apparently, these carp are a real pest to the existing wildlife in Michigan’s lakes and rivers.  And no doubt, these carp are probably hurting existing marine-related businesses which is why politicians are making noise about this.  Why else would an environmentally conscious public support the manual “screwing around” with the natural course of things?  Granted, these fish were imported from Asia and dumped into catfish farm ponds and escaped into the Mississippi river after some flooding temporarily connected the river to these ponds.  This just goes to show that it is very tricky to mess around with nature.  It is all connected and the consequences of messing around in one place set off a chain reaction of future needs to manually mess around.  Which again leads to more.. and .. well, you get the idea.

Anyone out there know anything about these carp besides what can be picked up on the news?  Can we eat these things?  They are freaking massive fish.