Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Rivalry

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#17 Michigan State (5-0) v. #18 Michigan (5-0)

It's rivalry week in Michigan. Michigan v. Michigan State. Michiganders need no further introduction to understand the importance of the match-up. Each autumn Michiganders display their allegiances as the Spartans and Wolverines clash for bragging rights for the next year.

This game means a lot to Michiganders. We grow up with it. You pick a side or your parents pick the side for you. You begin boasting and exercising bragging rights as early as grade school; arguing with the enemy (a.k.a. friends the rest of the year) on the school bus and the playground (some of my most intense MSU/UofM debates were on the school bus as a 4th and 5th grader).

Beginning with adolescence, the rivalry will escalate into pranks, bets, and eventually an arms race to see who can most prominently display their school colors on their car, yard, house, pets, children, etc...Once this begins, we never grow out of it.

I cannot escape the rivalry and the dragging rights of the game out here in Arlington, VA. On Saturday morning, a few hours before the teams kick-off in Ann Arbor, I'll lead a team of Michigan State alums against Michigan alums in  a game of flag football in Washington DC. (Disclosure: I bleed Green and White. Further disclosure: the QB for the UofM alumni flag football team is an Ohio State alum).

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The excitement and hype for Saturday's game continues to grow, and to help feed your insatiable appetite in preparation for Saturday we've collected some great links from across the world wide web on the history of the rivalry and story lines for the game this Saturday.

Be sure to visit us throughout the week for more coverage of the game including a Michigan Expats podcast preview with Mr. Sig and I which will be up tomorrow or Friday.


  1. go bluuuuueeee!!!!!
    maybe we can stop MSU from scoring 70 points on us.

  2. Well, speaking for michigan fans, we all have a running list of players who have made the NFL such as def. player of the year charles woodson, of course brady and henne, we remember desmond howard who was super bowl mvp with the packers, and other players includin jake long, jason avant, mario manningman..... we had 4 in the pro bowl last year! GO BLUE!!!!!!!!! even if you bleed a different color now, we are still proud of you, and you know your roots!!!!!

  3. and the rivalry carries on, because of course the michigan players are doin better than msu and osu in the nfl... what is up with "The Ohio State?!?!?"