Thursday, October 7, 2010

Michigan/Michigan State with Apologies to Dr. Suess

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#17 Michigan State (5-0) v. #18 Michigan (5-0)

Mike Thompson does a fun take on the Michigan/Michigan State rivalry in the Detroit Free Press Dr. Suess style that encapsulates the rivalry and more importantly ends up at the heart of the matter: the real winners this week are those profiting from selling us all of the team apparel we proudly display.

The M- and S- Bellied Sneeches

More rivalry week links after the jump.

  • For further evidence on the importance of the rivalry to Michiganders, comes the story of Major Hesterr who is postponing heart surgery until next week to make sure that he won't miss Saturday's game. We hope Mr. Hester enjoys the game and that the surgery is successful next week.
  • It's almost a Michigan Miracle writes Chris Dufresne in the LA Times. Yes, they are even taking notice of the game in Los Angeles, but I will warn you that Mr. Dufresne offers the game a back-handed compliment rather than the respect and national attention it merits.
  • Sports Illustrated College Football writer Stewart Mandel has concerns about Michigan's defense and upcoming schedule in his latest Mailbag.
  • Lynn Henning continues his countdown of the five greatest games in the rivalry over the last 25 years. The 1990 thriller in Ann Arbor comes in at #2 today. Keith Jackson called it “truly one of the great college football games of my lifetime” when the Spartans traveled to Ann Arbor and knocked off previously undefeated and #1 ranked Michigan, 28-27.
That's your update for today. The plan is to record a podcast tonight previewing Saturday's game where Mr. Sig and I will make our predictions, so be sure to visit tomorrow to check that out. I will also have a post highlighting some Friday night high school football in Michigan.

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