Monday, October 4, 2010

Just In: Famous Lush Still Loves Michigan!

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Who needs the Pure Michigan ad campaign? The state of Michigan should probably just budget funds for Kathy Lee Gifford to fly to Michigan once a week, so she can gush about all the wonderful places and things Michigan has to offer. It's a win - win. Kathy Lee gets a fantastic weekend in Michigan and the state of Michigan gets the great endorsement and cheap advertising as she chats about her weekend on the Today Show.

Yes, Kathy Lee Gifford made another trip to Michigan recently, had a wonderful time (no surprise), and raved about it this morning on the Today Show. Particularly she raves about beautiful Holland including a gift of wooden shoes to host Hoda Kotb, Evergreen Commons, and about Art Prize and the flurry of activity it has created in downtown Grand Rapids.

With no further ado, here's Kathly Lee making here second appearance on gushing about beautiful West Michigan.

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Where in Michigan should Kathy Lee go next?


  1. Who would have thought Kathy Lee would be a Michigan spokeswoman? Too funny.

    I think she should go to Mackinac Island. She seems to like the tourist stuff, and it's on full force there. Or maybe Ann Arbor. They have a good college town vibe. She could go tailgating and bring back Hoda a Wolverine Claw.

  2. Bring her to Flint for the Crim Festival of Races or Back to the Bricks. Take her to Blackstone's for dinner, the Farmers Market for breakfast, and Hoffman's Deco Deli for lunch.