Thursday, October 7, 2010

Art Prize Winner Announced Tonight - Featured on NBC's "Today Show"

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By Doctor

It must be big to draw our attention away from the pending football game in Ann Arbor this Saturday, yet "big" may still fall short of describing Art Prize and it's impact on Grand Rapids and West Michigan over the past few weeks. However, "big" would be an accurate description of the Steam Pig Experiment, one of the top ten finalists at Art Prize this year who will be awarded at total of $449,000 in prize money tonight.

 Over the past couple of weeks almost 45,000 voters have cast over 450,000 votes to narrow down 1713 entries to this year's winner who will receive the competition's top prize of $250,000.

Kathy Lee Gifford was in town last weekend and gushed about her fantastic experience on the "Today Show" earlier this week. Apparently she left an impression on the producers of NBC's morning show as they returned and featured Art Prize in this morning's broadcast.

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