Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Violent Crime in Michigan

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The good news is that violent crime dropped 24% in Saginaw, Michigan in 2009. The bad news was that it did not drop enough for Saginaw to move out of the top spot of the FBI's top ten list of most violent cities in the country. Furthermore, Saginaw was not the only Michigan city on the list; Flint, Detroit, and Pontiac also made the top ten.

Therefore, instead of talking about football rankings (UofM back in the Top 25 and Grand Valley State holding on to #1in the Div. II polls after a crazy comeback win over a ranked Hillsdale team), we are discussing crime rankings.

Many may agree with Saginaw Mayor Greg Branch; that "it’s pointless to make a ranking. I don’t think that the comparison of one city’s crime rate to another city’s crime rate, by itself, gives anyone an accurate picture of the quality life or even the relative safety of that community."

What do you think? Are you surprised? Do you feel safe when you're in Michigan? If you are an expat, did crime or safety play any role in moving outside of the state or would it factor into your decision to move back to Michigan?


  1. I found your site after reading a letter to the editor of the Freep by Joe Petrides.

    Those of us who remain in Michigan, we need reminders that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the hill.

    Please install an RSS feed on your blog so that other bloggers may be able to RSS feed your blog to theirs.

    Still grateful to be a Michigander

  2. Hi Joan.. Thanks for the comment and for the well wished. I put up the RSS subscription capability.



  3. I'm a current Michigander and live a little outside of Saginaw. I grew up in and around Saginaw.

    I'm sorry to say that I disagree with Mr. Branch. At this point, all one has to do is drive off I-675 onto the Davenport exit in Saginaw, which is basically the artery to the township, to see the degradation that's happening in Saginaw. As you drive toward the township, the number of homes and/or businesses in disrepair or foreclosure has skyrocketed in the last few years.

    In an area where my Grandmother and I used to walk to the local Tony's restaurant and to the grocery store, I now wouldn't think about getting out of my car at night.

    You can say that it's not fair to compare crime stats from one city to another. Fine. Drive around in Saginaw, then drive around in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, or Midland and tell me which one has a higher rate of crime.

    Unfortunately, all of this is related to the current economic conditions so Saginaw might be in a holding pattern until the unemployment rate drops to sub-5%.