Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tim Horton’s is the greatest coffee shop in the universe.


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By Mr. Sig

One of the sounds that tends to echo from the mouths of Michigan expats all across the fruited plain is…. Where is Tim Hortons? I want my darned chocolate chip muffin! As a resident of Arlington, VA, I can attest that this place is infested with Starbucks “let’s burn all our beans so they taste the same” Coffee and various hipster coffee joints where only those with macs and a socialist voting record are granted passage. Blech!

Tim Hortons is the great equalizer of all coffee shops. Even though it has all the makings of a hipster-type place, it is far from it. This magical home away from home serves hipsters, Harley devotees, and ghetto superstars alike. I can attest to seeing all three types enjoying a cup of fine coffee at the Tim Hortons on the corner of Flushing and Ballenger in Flint, MI. “Come one, come all” says Tim Horton to its loyal customers. “We know that even the hardest bad-boys need their coffee and by-golly, we’ll be happy to pour you a tall glass… we’ll even look the other way if you need to drop in a little Kahlúa.” Now that’s something we can appreciate.

I suppose that is one difference between Michigan folk and those hailing from the East or West coasts. Unfortunately for these zombies, getting coffee is more about status than flavor. The zombies line up and happily hand over $2+ for a cup of coffee served to them in a cup with a trendy logo. Tim Hortons customers just want the best damn coffee around without feeling like, well, a zombie.

My personal favorite besides the coffee is the chocolate chip muffin. Any suggestions for what to try once I get back to Tim Horton’s land? What is your favorite?


  1. Chicken stew in a bread bowl is a favorite of mine.

  2. french cruller

  3. Coffee shops are my safe places. They are the places I like to go to on my days off and disappear from the world for an hour to two. It's also a place for friends to catch up on the musings of the week just gone, family's to spend time together while the adults get fixed up on a coffee boost and for weary shoppers to dump their bags while they regain their strength. coffee club