Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(Not So) Pure Michigan

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Most Michiganders and Expats are familar with the Pure Michigan ad campaign highlighting places to visit and things to do across the state featuring the voiceover narration of Tim Allen. The campaign has been a successful one and has helped to draw attention to Michigan as a destination state and provide a boost to tourism.

Of course, with success, comes imitators and parodies. Recently, Mr. Sig and I came across http://www.notsopuremichigan.com/, and the hilarious videos created by Michigander John Kerfoot that parody the Pure Michigan campaign ads.

We've included our favorite here, but be sure to visit http://www.notsopuremichigan.com/ and check out the other videos by Mr. Kerfoot that tackle other Michigan highlights including Royal Oak, Mackinac Island, and Construction.

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