Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Michigan Corps is at it again

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By Mr Sig

NYT - Michigan Corps

The link above proves that they have a pretty good PR machine. It looks like the Jailty's called up one of their friends in the New York Times to put together a puff piece on the Michigan Corps. This time the article compares Michigan to a couple of third world countries such as India, Ethiopia and Armenia. Ok, maybe India is a developing country, but something just doesn't sit well. Michigan is a depressed economy, but we are not a third-world country. And Michiganders do have quite a bit of pride. Do you remember the feeling you had inside when the Detroit Pistons stomped all over the LA Lakers in the NBA finals in 2004? It was feeling that expensive superstars, the big city, and celebrity were just goofy distractions. The Pistons were about business that year, and they went in and kicked the Lakers out of town.

I think Jaitly is underestimating the pride that Michiganders have. I think that Michigan is a little too blue collar and hard nosed to get excited about an Ivy League Princeton guy experimenting with third world development strategies in our state. It reminds me of the movie Zoolander where Derek, the fruity male model returns home to visit his father who is a tough-guy coal miner.

However, this guy could be successful if he does manage to generate a few hundred million dollars to invest in Michigan businesses. A pile of money can certainly convince the public to put their roots and pride on hold... at least briefly.

I don't think the Jaitly's are bad people, but I think they don't really understand the Michigan culture. Am I off the mark here? Shoot me a comment or two and let me know what you think.


  1. Not only do Michiganders have a lot of pride, but for Pete's sake, we have 2 Big Ten universities and the biggest freshwater lake in the country! That's not what third world countries are made of. However, it would be great if Jaitly were to get some business investment headed our way.

  2. I hate to disagree, but I do agree with the analogy that Michigan is pretty comparable to many third world countries, but with the caveat that Michigan has better infrastructure. A post industrial economy looks pretty much like a pre-industrial economy. I think Michiganders would do well to admit this fact and move on; put pride aside and look at the circumstances. Plus, pride and lakes both exist in third world countries.

  3. Yeah I think another good analogy of Michigan pride is the like end of blackhawk down when the somalis...oh wait I don't think that one helps your case... Kidding aside, to compare Michigan to 3rd world countries is absurd. I'll give Jaitly this: admittedly the state's government is horribly inefficient, and a bit left politically, and 2) our primary city is a poster child for the product of a classic welfare state. Aside from that I think it a bit of a stretch to make that comparison