Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michigan and Movies (Part 2): The Portrayal and Perspective of Michigan

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Yesterday I began a series on the impact of the Michigan Film Incentives program on the state by discussing the agic of movies and the allure there is to be a part the movie business. Today, we continue the discussion by taking a look at how the incredible growth of films being made and taking place in Michigan are portraying the state to the rest of the country and the world.

The topic is particularly relevant today since Detroit 1-8-7 premeires this evening on ABC. Set, produced, and shot on location in Detroit. The show has brought excitement to the city including a red carpet premiere party earlier this month at the MGM Grand Casino,

There is also a sense of apprehension regarding how the city will be depicted to a national television audience. The Detroit City Council requested the show's producers to attend a board meeting back in July and show council members even publically stated they wanted the title of the show changed.

Other movies and television shows recently made in Michigan have tended to focus on the challenges facing the state than the wonderful places and people Michigan still has to offer.

Both Gran Torino and last-year's Oscar Nominated, Up in the Air, are excellent films that have successfully used Detroit as backdrops and almost supporting characters to address modern societal issues including crime, racial tension, and economic struggles.

Before we dig in and get caught up in the economic debate of the impact of film tax credits on jobs, tax revenue, and the state budget, it's important to discuss impact these shows and film have on Michigan's portrayal to the rest of the country and to Michigan's psyche.

Will the excitement and allure of being close to and a part of the movies begin to decline at some point? Are the potential negative consequences and attention being overblown and getting to much attention?

Please comment and let us know what you think and check in tomorrow for a review of Detroit 1-8-7.

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