Monday, September 20, 2010

Michigan and Movies (Part 1): The Magic of Movies

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I am a big movie buff (the term cinephile may also apply). I love watching movies and television. I confess that I probably watch too much TV, and much of the time I spend watching TV is spent watching movies (behind sporting events).

Movies can take us all over the world, to the past, and the future. They introduce us to fascinating characters that we emulate, empathize, despise, and fear. Movies capivate, entertain, and move us. Movies are magical.

Furthermore, movies and television tend to gain even more allure and magic the closer you are to the production. I still remember the excitement and anticipation growing up when two of my favorite shows aired episodes filmed in and around my hometown, Traverse City. My family watched Home Improvement regularly during the '90's, but the episodes where the Taylor family went to Northern Michigan were can't miss events. Likewise, the anticipation for The X-Files episode that was shot and took place in Northern Michigan made me set the VCR in anticipation (remember VCRs?).

Now, two years after the enactment of the Michigan Film Incentives tax program, dozens of movies are being shot and made in Michigan, and this week ABC will premiere Detroit 1-8-7 shot on location in Detroit that will aire during primetime.

However, while movies and television have found their way to Michigan, questions remain about the impacts the film industry and the Film Incentives program are having on Michigan's economy and how the state is portrayed.

Over the next week or so, Michigan Expats will be taking a closer look at the Michigan film industry and the cultural and economic impact of the incentive program. Please join us in examining the issue and to chime in with you opinions and questions.

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