Thursday, September 30, 2010

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There's a lot of good news and great things going on in Michigan this week. I don't have time to elaborate on everything, but I definitely wanted to highlight and share some of the fun and interesting things I've come across recently.

Art Prize Update: We'll begin alphabetically.  Art Prize reports that they had 31,303 active voters register 448,633 votes during the first week of voting. You can watch the Top Ten announcement live tonight at 6PM to see who will compete for $449,000 in prize money.

TEDxDetroit: More innovation, optimism, and excitement came out of Detroit yesterday at the TEDxDetroit conference. I highly recommend you check out Jonathan Oostings article, "14 positive ideas from Detroit for the world." Yes, I know John Gault discussed this in an earlier post, but the website has gotten a lot of attention this week and has some really cool videos and insights into Detroit's emerging creative culture.

Facebook Founder Funds Floundering Schools: We continue with some alliteration. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has received a lot positive media attention for his recent $100 million pledge to aid Newark, NJ public schools. Of course, Forbes points out that the money will most likely end up in a "rat hole". Meanwhile, Nolan Finley, of the Detroit News, revisits Detroit's rejection of a similar $200 million pledge six years ago, but that hasn't stopped the donor, Bob Thompson, from helping Detroit's kids.

Detroit 1-8-7 Update: I watched the second episode of Detroit 1-8-7, and it only confirmed my concerns from last week's pilot episode. The writing on the show is lackluster and relies too much on cliches, gimmicks, and style than substance. The fact that the show is set and shot in Detroit isn't enough for me to get over all of it's shortcomings.

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