Sunday, August 22, 2010

Podcast is underway!

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By Mr Sig

Hello Readers! I'm proud to announce that we have successfully published our first podcast. Actually, we published 3! The doctor and Mr. Sig sat down and had a discussion over a few beers.... Michigan beers. That's right, our first three episodes review 3 different beers from the Bells brewing company. You'll notice that while the content is good, the sound is not too great. Either way, we're happy that we are able to provide alternative forms of content.

To subscribe to this podcast, simply past the below xml link into your RSS reader. In addition, you can add it to your iTunes list by following the instructions in this blog post. I haven't tested it yet, so let me know if it works. The reader should find the 3 episodes and automatically download them for you. Please leave us your comments and, most importantly, go out and buy some Bells Beer!

Of course, I'll have one of those goofy RSS logos up soon!


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